Stand with Ukraine

I switched on the TV last night to see our longest running chat show hold a fundraiser in aid of Ukraine, on the screen before me were scenes of destruction. Buildings were destroyed, families torn apart and children looking weary.

It has come up in conversations I have been having all week long – this unwarranted war inflicted on the innocent people of Ukraine, at the hands of the Russian president – and while it is one thing to talk about it, it is another to see the live footage before your very eyes.

Watching it unfold, makes an anxiety rise in my chest, the talk of possible nuclear destruction is frightening for all in Europe, but what the Ukrainian people are going through is unthinkable.

Less than 10 days ago, the people of Ukraine were able to live relatively normal lives, although the threats were looming, some were to led believe that this invasion would never take place. Why would they? Why in 2022 should war still exist? I guess it would be the case that some world leaders, apologies, I mean dictators, have not learned from historical events and continue to make the same harrowing mistakes, just because they can.

Over a week on, the people of Ukraine have fled their homes, some look on as their families leave not knowing when, or if, they will see them again. Elderly people watch on to see the homes they worked so hard to put together become rubble. Men and woman are staying behind to put up a fight for their country. Hundreds, leading into thousands will have died as a result, and this spans across all genders and ages, even children.

They don’t deserve this, no-one does.

And yet, here most of us in Europe are feeling helpless, probably powerless is the better word, but we are trying. We know there is no quick fix, but we can try to help Ukraine in their suffering, at least.

If you can’t be kind in the time of war, then when can you?

That is why I have created this post. I can’t make sense of this act of war, I can’t single handedly resolve it by posting on social media, I know, but what I can do is donate to credible resources – and if you can then please do, no amount is too small or big – and I can share those links with others.

Below, I am linking two of the most reliable sources I know to donate from Ireland, from these sites, you will find more information on the incredible work your money will go towards. You can choose the amount to donate, and if you aren’t in a position to donate, then please share these links online. Never underestimate what the power of sharing with any following you have can do – it all helps.

It has been a difficult week for Europe to say the least, but it’s been even more difficult for the residents of Ukraine.

Irish Red Cross – Ukraine Crisis Appeal

UNICEF – Ukraine Crisis

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