April Playlist 2021

Hi everyone!

As we all know by now, a new month, means new music around here, and April has been packed with new tunes. This month, we talk all things Taylor Swift and the re-release of ‘Fearless’ (eeep!), my favourite tracks from it, and singles from the pop princess of the hour, Olivia Rodrigo and one of my all time favourite Irish bands, Royseven, and their cover of The Weeknd’s ‘Save Your Tears’ upon their recent comeback.

That about covers the basics of what I will be discussing further, so all that’s left to do is dive in!


Fearless (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

Cast your mind back to 2008, everyone, because we are about to throw it back, only this time it’s even better…

Yes, the first of six re-releases from Taylor dropped this month, and it couldn’t be more perfect. Like a lot of Taylor fans my age, ‘Fearless’ played a pivotal role in a pretty influential time in my life. I had just turned 12 when it was released and it still ties in with so many memories from that time. To have had a young woman like Taylor Swift express her inner thoughts and emotions in such comprehensible lyrics at that age was a Godsend, be it happy, sad or anything in between there was a Taylor song for it.

This re-release also marks a moment in music. The decision to record six albums again is a costly and time consuming project, it is purely for Taylor Swift to reclaim what is rightfully hers. So, while I will gladly be wrapped in the nostalgia, and almost experiencing Fearless for the first time again, I love the fact that I am listening to music that is Taylor’s once again.

ALL the favourites are there, ‘Love Story’, ‘White Horse, ‘You Belong With Me’, to name a few, and I am amazed at how Taylor manages to sound as close to the vocals as the 2008 record, a testament to the maturity of her voice then, perhaps. Bringing back the original band members who worked on the album with her, does help in this. Of course, it’s not to say you can’t hear slight differences in her vocals and arrangements of the tracks, but those changes add quality, in my opinion.

In addition to the original track listing, Miss Queen Swift, decided it was time to release some unknown tracks from the Fearless vault, they include: ‘You All Over Me’, ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ (which practically broke the internet, and rightly so!) ‘We Were Happy’, ‘That’s When’, ‘Don’t You’ and ‘Bye Bye Baby’ These additional tracks very much sound modern-era Taylor but really, to think she wrote these lyrics back in 2008, is amazing. It also makes you think of the countless tracks from your favourite artists that never make an album and probably should. Overall, a musician re-releasing their work can be a gamble, but for Taylor Swift, it’s one that really pays off. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next five.


Save Your Tears (Cover) – Royseven

Having disbanded in March 2014, Royseven officially announced their comeback earlier this year, and have since treated us to a live stream performance of all their best loved songs. This month, they put out a cover of ‘Save Your Tears’ by the Weeknd, having been told by listeners it sounds quite similar to their 2011 hit ‘We Should Be Lovers’ (which it is does). I think it was pretty clever to release a current popular song with their spin on it, upon their own comeback. It really suits the sound we became familiar with Royseven having, and if you want to hear that for yourself, check out their remix of Save Your Tears and their own We Should Be Lovers – JUST try to tell me that both tracks do not fit well after listening! For me, it’s great to see the Royseven guys back (although their line-up has been altered just a little) doing what they do best. I am counting down the days that I will be able to see them live, before my own eyes, once again.

Listen here: Royseven Vs The Weeknd – Save Your Tears/We Should Be Lovers

Deja Vu – Olivia Rodrigo

I mean, where do I begin with Olivia Rodrigo’s current reign? Coming from the Disney + series ‘High School Musical: The Musical – The Series’ Olivia has blazed an absolute musical trail for herself. There was a point when you couldn’t switch on the radio without hearing Drivers License or come across a TikTok with it’s sound, and now, her most recent hit ‘deja vu’ is here to take over.

A pop/rock track, deja vu hears Olivia Rodrigo hitting out at an ex that seemingly behaves in a similar way with his new love interest to how we did with Rodrigo, sharing the same places and memories – “So when you gonna tell her, That we did that too? // She thinks it’s special, But it’s all reused” – annoying, right? and even more so because we know it’s relatable, be it with a relationship or friendship. Both lyrically and melodically, deja vu is quite different to Drivers Licence, but still as powerful nonetheless.

This is April…

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