March Playlist 2021

Hey everyone!

As you can probably guess, today I am going to be sharing my March playlist. It is mainly comprised of singles, with the exception of one album. It’s a shorter list for me than usual, but there is still some quality music to get through. So, let’s begin!


Spaceman – Nick Jonas

Last month, I wrote about Nick Jonas’ surprise single ‘Spaceman’ and the announcement of his latest solo album of the same name. Well, the time has come and we now get to wrap our ears around it.

While this album has received mixed reviews, for a Jo Bros stan like me, it doesn’t miss a beat. I am always excited for Jonas Brother member material, whether it’s in the form of a trio, Nick Jonas or Joe fronting ‘DNCE’. Each sound is quite different from the other, with Nick’s often being more on the soulful, sensual pop side.

To me, ‘Spaceman’ portrays a certain moment in time. As mentioned in last month’s playlist, the single makes reference to the world we find ourselves in, a one where social distancing and online interaction has become the norm, and how that felt to Jonas personally. ‘Spaceman’ as an album very much carries that vibe. It ebbs and flows with various states of thoughts on the current climate – lyrics such as “TV tells me what to think, Bad news maybe I should drink” – hope and escapism of ‘This Is Heaven’ – “What if we found a way to get lost without fear, Leave it all behind, we’re escaping” and the fun of a sneaky lil Jonas Brother track ‘Selfish’ that’s pretty easy to find yourself singing along to. I think it’s pretty clear to hear the influence of 2020/2021 life, and highs and lows that we can all relate to, but that’s just my interpretation.

In terms of vocals, Nick Jonas has never sounded better, that dreamy falsetto of his really comes into play on this album and it’s a delight to listen to. The lyrics too, just seem so much freer, and while you can tell he took a chance on this album, in the light of the recent Jonas Brothers success, he really had nothing to lose. Overall, for a fan like me it’s a treat, and for Nick Jonas himself, a worthy way to spend his time during a pandemic.


Cover Me In Sunshine – P!nk, Willow Sage Hart

When a video of P!nk’s daughter, Willow, singing went viral a little while back, speculation began on whether the song she was singing was an original, and it turns out it was! Duetting with her famous Mom, ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’ is a motivational, happy pop song. To get them through another day, P!nk and Willow find comfort in looking forward to the day we can all be together again, giving us moving and inspirational lyrics such as “Just imagine people laughing, I know some day we will, and even if it’s far away, get me through another day”.

I had to include this single because it is honestly the sweetest song I have heard in a while. We have all experienced some very tough moments over this past year, and we could do with a little ray of sunshine to get us through, and this song achieves just that.

MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nas X

If there was ever a name we will remember attributing to a momentous shift in pop culture, it is Lil Nas X, and with his latest hit ‘Call Me By Your Name’ – that isn’t about to change anytime soon. Titled after his own name (Montero) and the film ‘Call Me By Your Name’ (in which Lil Nas X took inspiration from), it is said to be based on a real life experience with a man Lil Nas fell for, who to him, was living a dark lifestyle as a result of not acknowledging his true identity. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the song also hints at the pressure Lil Nas X faces to speak on behalf of others, heard in the lyric “Why me? A sign of the times every time that I speak”.

Giving us yet another bop, with a memorable music video to boot, it was an easy choice to include in my March playlist.

This is March…

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