Life’s been crazy…

If I’m being honest, I am sitting here to write this post and I don’t even know where to start. That sentence in itself is a pretty 2020 feeling, and I know I am not on my own in that.

Truth is, life’s been a bit full on. I seemed to dip in motivation back in June, college had started to unwind after a strange and unknowing Spring term and I took the break quite literally – I did NOTHING – which is very unlike me but I knew my body was telling me I needed the rest. The following Summer months were a blur, I know I played a ridiculous amount of Animal Crossing, hardly even looked at social media, never mind participated in it and had a lot of family time which did me the world of good.

After the mental strain of coming to grips with what was going on around us and having to study from home, I was glad of the break and started to relax into it. 2020 has been hard enough on us all, so why should we be any harder on ourselves?

Yet here I am, back on the blog and marvelling over all that Autumn has to offer. I am physically back in college now – my class is relatively small so it’s easy to remain socially distant – and I don’t know if it’s down to a new sense of routine or the crisp Autumn air but I feel re-energised. I’m finally emerging from what ever rut I found myself in and it feels good, even if I am producing assignments at the speed of light 😆

I don’t plan on putting this boost of energy to waste either. I want to tackle all that college has to offer, jump back into blogging and social media – I have so many monthly playlists to post! And even do some de-cluttering that I definitely should have done during quarantine…

Finally, here are some of the more positive moments that I have already had this Autumn.

Going back to college

Although it was a little nerve racking at first, it was great to be able to physically attend college again this September. It came at a time when I was really lacking in routine and having college back gave me a purpose to start the day at a reasonable hour again. The social interactions have been a Godsend too, sometimes conversations don’t flow as well through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. I also have to say, my college have been killing social distance & mask wearing too. It has become second nature to us all and it really gives you a sense of security.

Getting outside and taking photographs

I can think of nothing better than heading outdoors with my camera in hand and that’s exactly what I did in the beginning of September. I took advantage of the artwork installed for a local Arts festival and went for a walk around the town photographing what ever was in sight. Because it was early Autumn, the last of the warm Summer sun was looming too so I also took in the glorious rays while I could. It was a perfect day.

Turning 24!

So, yeah… I turned twenty-four! I actually had a really nice birthday surrounded by family and with plenty of cake (two, to be exact!) I received online wishes from all over and was definitely spoiled with some lovely cards and gifts. I really felt the love and I am so grateful for it. This is also the first birthday in about 5 years where I have been the healthiest and most content and that means everything to me.

Being in awe of Autumn beauty

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, the weather gets colder but the atmosphere just seems to get cozier. Fires are lit, sweaters and boots are back on and the beautiful colours have appeared once again. Each year, I am still astounded by the beauty of the orange and yellows of Autumn landscapes, there’s just something about these sights that inspire me and my creativity. (Can you tell I am a Libra? 😆 ) Of course, this meant that I had to go back out with my camera and I loved every second.

Starting my Christmas shopping

Yes, I am going to say it… I have started my Christmas shopping! Ah, it felt good to utter a C word that isn’t Covid! With everything else being cancelled for the past 7 months, I thought it was time to look forward and try and salvage some positive vibes from this year. Sure, it’s nice to receive presents but I love giving them and buying presents for the ones I love makes me feel full inside. Plus, it’s not like any of us are physically going to shops right now so I said why not start purchasing online within good delivery time! I have about 2 presents to go before I am done and it’s not even November yet. I have never been more organised 😊

Side note: Since writing this post, Ireland has gone back to Level 5 which is effectively another round of lockdown and I know many countries in Europe find themselves in the same position. There’s nothing more to say, other than it sucks that we have gone back here but for the safety of our families & ourselves it’s important that we hold firm. We may be apart physically but now more than ever, we must stand united. We will get through this, we have before, we will again and as many more times as we need to until we beat this thing – and find a working vaccine – Love & light to you all ❤️

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