February Playlist 2020

Well, February, what a treat you have been for the ears! I thought January started this year of music off pretty well but little did I know that February would be just as good.

I have been so excited by the single releases this month and I feel as if my earphones have been in 24/7…

The new music has been really fun but I also fell into a little throwback trap on Spotify too, with 3 proper throwback tunes that will take you way back!

There is so much I want to talk about so grab yourself a cuppa, settle in and read on!


Taylor Swift – Only The Young

Featured in the Miss. Americana docu-film, ‘Only The Young’ was released on the very last day of January and is inspired by Taylor’s disappointment in the 2018 US Elections. In the song, she urges young voters not to give up hope and become more involved in political issues so that they see the societal changes they want come true. It also marks Taylor’s first public display of political interest, which as documented in the film, was quite the statement for many reasons. If you want to feel inspired and empowered, this song is for you!

Niall Horan – No Judgement

In February, we also saw Niall Horan release the third single from his upcoming album ‘Heartbreak Weather’. Following on from ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ & ‘Put A Little Love On Me’, ‘No Judgement’ features the unmistakable sound of the new Niall Horan era. It’s a super catchy tune with a strong message of living your life how you want, without judgement. Basically, it’s a song that we all need to take note of in this present moment. The video for it is something worth watching too, it will make your day.. Trust me!

The 1975 – Me & You Together Song

With a nostalgic sound of a song likened to an early 2000s coming of age movie, ‘Me & You Together Song’ was a welcome surprise from The 1975 crew. Through the power of lyrics, frontman Matty Healy declares his love for an old friend that is one sided, a relatable melodrama that humans throughout the ages have found themselves in. This is a guitar driven, drum featuring BOP that everyone needs to get their ears around.

Billie Eilish – No Time to Die

When I first heard that Billie Eilish was the voice of the latest Bond movie, I was intrigued. I knew she could do it, and why she was picked, – An 18 years old who possesses a gorgeously haunting voice with a litany of co-wrote lyrics (credit where credit is due to her brother) that someone twice her age wouldn’t conjure up – they would have been mad to have bypass her but I was still interested as to how to the two would marry together. Well, I needn’t have wondered, because with Billie & Finneas’ writing talent and her vocals, it was the perfect fit. I love how it’s both uniquely Billie Eilish but also keeps the 007 theme sound that we have been accustomed to over the decades of the Bond franchise.

The Throwbacks…

Drake Bell – Makes Me Happy

Were you ready for this throwback? No, I didn’t think so.. This snazzy little tune made it’s way back into my life after watching Drake Bell’s episode of Christy’s Throwback Kitchen. Hearing Drake speak about peruvian puff peppers & South Am-erica (if you know, you know 😂) took me soo far back that I sunk into the depths of YouTube just to hear ‘Found A Way’ again and because of this I rediscovered one of my personal Bell favourites that is ‘Makes Me Happy’!

Obviously – McFly

I recently started binge watching a lot of Emily Canham’s vlogs and in particular her music/concert related ones. Emily is one of the biggest McFly fans and upon watching her vlog about a McFly concert, I heard a glimpse of ‘Obviously’ and again, was immediately taken back. It’s so hard not to sing along to!

F**kin’ Perfect – P!nk

This one came out of nowhere really, it surfaced on my Spotify one day and I’ve been singing it for weeks 😂

This is February…

What songs have you been loving in February? Let me know in the comments below 😊

Check out my January playlist here

One response to “February Playlist 2020”

  1. Yeah I wasn’t ready for that Drake Bell throwback – it’s one of my favorites, too! I haven’t even heard it in so long and just reading the title has it stuck in my head haha. Absolutely love love love the Taylor Swift song for so many obvious reasons. It also makes my heart super happy to see Kelsea Ballerini in your playlist! Plus, I have some new songs to listen to on there that I’ve never heard before! Here’s to a great March💕


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