Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins Tour, Dublin.

On January 31st, Happiness Begins was brought to Dublin.

It had been a little over 10 years since the Jonas Brothers last played a gig as a brotherly trio in Ireland. When they announced their European tour was on the way and Dublin was the second stop, I knew I wanted in!

I was that lucky kid who got the opportunity to see her Disney Channel idols in reality all those years ago, I couldn’t believe my luck because things like that didn’t happen every often. Two years on from that I saw Joe Jonas support Britney Spears on her European tour. I’ve seen them through young Disney actors/musical act, to a split, solo careers, right through to the esteemed pop musicians they are today, and because their stages of career coincided with my childhood and teenage years, some of their songs played out to be the soundtrack of what I know are some the most important days of my life.

So as you see, I couldn’t miss the 3rd golden opportunity, because you never know when your favourite artists will come around again but I hope we won’t quite be waiting another 10 years 😉

Support Acts

Support on the night came from Livvia, Jordan McGraw and our very own Picture This.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of Livvia & Jordan, as at that stage, I had yet to find a comfortable medium within the crowd and it was hard for me to take my phone out. They were both a great warm up to the start of the night and their stage presence was something to be admired, as they both looked extremely comfortable up there. I even remember Livvia singing a part of a HSM song and it was like 2009 had never left us!

To my delight, Picture This were up next, and it was great to finally see them live. Again, their stage presence is also perfected at this point in career and they sounded just as good as their recordings. Possibly even better, as the their lyrics filled 3 Arena with the help of a healthy crowd. It was a real treat to hear the likes of Modern Love, If You Wanna Be Loved and Take My Hand (which I was dying to hear live at some point) on the night.

The One and only…

Sure look, what can I say about Jonas Brothers that hasn’t already been said in this post?

To hear their back catalogue of hits like SOS, Lovebug, and Burnin’ Up was just the best. My 13 year old self thought she was lucky to have heard them live once in her lifetime, she wouldn’t have expected to hear them twice! Gotta Find You was probably one of my favourites, even if a tear or two trickled down my face. (That happened, as a 23 year old, I’m not even gonna lie)

With fireworks, balloon figures and confetti flying about the place and shots taken by the brothers themselves on stage, including additions of ‘Jealous’ & ‘Cake By The Ocean’ alongside their new material of the Happiness Begins album – Cool, Sucker, Rollercoaster – to the set list, the party vibes were strong!

For me, the Happiness Begins Tour was a wild ride of nostalgia and stirred up emotions, and for that alone, I will forever be grateful to the Jonas Brothers. Thanks for the old memories and the chance to make new ones. Here’s to the next 10 years of a glittering career!

2 responses to “Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins Tour, Dublin.”

  1. Oh my gosh, this concert looked so fun and I am SO happy for you that you were able to go! I don’t blame you for tearing up during “Gotta Find You” because I still do, too haha. Your photos are incredible and you looked fantastic!💕

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    1. It honestly was the best 😭 ‘Gotta Find You’ is just one of those ones isn’t it? I think because it’s tied into a lot of childhood memories and also, apart from that, the lyrics are beautiful!

      Aww thank you 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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