September & October Playlists 2019

Do you remember a time when I used to post monthly playlists? You do? Good, because today I am bringing you not one, but two monthly playlists of some sweet music!

I’ve been a real busy bee recently and trying to squeeze in blogging on top of everything else proved to be a little difficult of late, but one thing I knew I was sure of was that I wanted my monthly playlists to continue. I am eight playlists in now and that is why I have decided to compile my last four of the year into two posts. So this month we have September/October and in the next couple of weeks my November/December playlist will see the light of day, this saves on time for me and ensures that my monthly playlists will go as planned.

I have had so much fun putting these posts together and it’s not over yet – happy listening 😊

September 2019


The Last Time – The Script

In September, The Script made a comeback with their single The Last Time. Described as a song about the feelings you experience as you may see the one you love for the last time by frontman Danny, there is a poignancy to the lyrics but reminiscent of the early days of The Script which is what I was most excited for.

Who Would Want To Be In A Guitar Band – The Blizzards

I got lucky with this one because I found it the day of it’s release while on another Spotify binge. Apparently ‘Who Would Want To Be In A Guitar Band’ came about after the band were told one of their previous songs were too guitar driven, so in true Blizzards fashion they decided throw two fingers to the sentiment by producing this energetic punk pop number, proving one track could never feature TOO many guitars πŸ˜‰

This is September…


October 2019


The Last Great Algorithm – The Blizzards

I know I have already spoken about The Blizzards so I will keep this brief. However, I have been listening to the new album that was released in October so it wouldn’t be true to form if I didn’t highlight in my playlist! My favourite tracks from the album are… Fuck It Bucket, Camera Phone & Jesus On The Radio. Give it a whirl!

The nostalgia was strong…

For some reason a wave of nostalgia washed over me this month and I found myself listening to some old school Taylor & Jonas Brothers on repeat. I have a feeling it came about because I celebrated my 23rd birthday in this month, and with most birthdays we tend to slip into a state of reminiscing and reflecting, well I know I do. I guess with 23 marking 10 years since my 13th birthday, it was hard not to think back on that time and how different my life was then. In short, these songs take me back to a happy time in my life and I will gladly relive those memories. ❀️ It also showed me how life has a habit of coming around full circle when I am here at 23 swooning over the Jonas Brothers comeback and gearing up to see them live for the first time in 10 years! Time, it’s a funny ol’ thing.

You can see what throwback Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers songs I was listening to in my playlist below.

This is October…

Don’t forget to let me know what your current music favourites are in the comments below 😊

2 responses to “September & October Playlists 2019”

  1. Too guitar driven?! That’s nonsense, I feel there can never be too manyπŸ˜‚ Your October playlist is my favorite I love the new Niall and Selena song and you can never go wrong with throwback Jonas Brothers and Taylor SwiftπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’•

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    1. Haha I love how they clapped back with a song FULL of guitars πŸ˜‚ I think my October playlist was one of my favourites too, there’s a lot fun vibes from it 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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