June Playlist 2019

Happy mid-late June, everyone 🌞

We are truly in the midst of Summer 2019 now and half way through the year! Do you know what that means? I am now six months into posting my monthly playlists and I can’t quite believe it!

Looking forward to the Summer months, we have made way for a lot of new music releases already, with still more to come and June being as jam packed as ever.

We have seen a brand new album from a certain brotherly trio, a colourful single from Taylor Swift, new music from the likes of Little Mix, Katy Perry, Liam Gallagher and even an EP from the queen Mile… I mean, Ashley O 😉


Happiness Begins, Jonas Brothers

My album of choice this month goes to the one and only Jonas Brothers, this is me we’re talking about here!

Of course, on June 7th we were graced with the first Jonas Brothers album in 10 years. Aptly titled ‘Happiness Begins’ this album is bursting with feel good vibes that you will want to listen and dance to all Summer long. As the album needed a post of it’s own, I have a more in-depth review that you can read here and I have included just two songs from the album to this month’s playlist as I try to restrain myself from adding the complete album to the playlist itself 😂 You could say I found it hard to listen to anything else but I decided to take one for the team and delved into this months latest singles too and why I am posting the album separately.


On a Roll, Ashley O 

Who else was enthralled by Miley Cyrus’ portrayal of an emotionally and later physically trapped pop star in the latest season of Black Mirror? Give that girl an Oscar, Emmy, whatever you need to give her in order to get her the recognition she deserves! Not only was the episode insanely good to watch, it’s also given us a new pop sensation to now enter the holy pop trinity of Hannah, Miley & Ashley O. The fictional character from the series, Ashley O, has now entered the charts with the stand out single ‘On A Roll’ This means Miley Cyrus has now charted under three separate names throughout her music career so far, can we start shining the crown for this queen, please?! On A Roll features in my playlist below.


June saw the release of many new singles that are all absolute jams but these are just my select three, if I was to write about each one we would be here all day!

You Need To Calm Down, Taylor Swift

There have been a lot of opinions on this track, some felt played as they thought of it as Taylor’s coming out as bi, but it was not, others feel as if Taylor is just trying to cash in releasing an LGBTQ positive song in line with pride month, and although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I wonder why we should be so quick to put a label on Taylor and her sexuality. She already has a massive LGBTQ following so was it so wrong for her to release an anthem in time for Pride? Shouldn’t she just be free to be who she is whilst also being an ally to the community? It’s a fun, sassy song with a video full of famous cameos that only T-Swift could achieve, not to mention linking to a petition for The Equality Act which would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in all public accommodations in the US in order for the bill to go before the Senate, that to me, is Taylor Swift trying hard to do her bit but that’s just my personal opinion.

Shockwave, Liam Gallagher

Forget about Oasis or Blur, are you Noel or Liam? Actually.. don’t answer that! One of the og rock and rollers, Liam Gallagher, released his brand new single ‘Shockwave’ and boy, it is a TUNE and a half. If I wasn’t listening to the Jo Bros, I was blasting this at full volume and feeling pretty kick ass.

Bounce Back, Little Mix 

Little Mix’s latest track Bounce Back, which samples Soul II Soul’s Back To Life is a total bop! I just love the late 80s/90s vibes you can clearly hear throughout and it has me pumped for the new musical era Little Mix are about to embark on. You’re definitely going to be hearing and finding yourself dancing along to ‘Bounce Back’ a lot this Summer.

This is June…


4 responses to “June Playlist 2019”

  1. Yay, another playlist post! I am OBSESSED with Taylor’s new single. And you’re so right about people not being so quick to judge Taylor on her sexuality or saying that she’s just trying to cash in on the LGBTQ community. She’s an incredible woman who is using her platform for good. I haven’t listened to Little Mix in a few years but I’m gonna have to give their new single a listen. I used to love them so I don’t know why I stopped listening haha. Another great post, Denise!💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      That’s exactly what I think too! She’s free to be the woman she is and I don’t see how using her platform for good is a negative! I really am looking forward to her new album, she looks glorious on the cover 😍

      Yesss, Little Mix’s new single is such a jam, you should definitely check it out x

      Thanks for reading, as always 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. justthegameoflife Avatar

    Yasssss! Jonas Brothers album is amazing. Also the singles you need to calm down and bounce back are on my list too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      It’s such a good comeback album ☺️ Those singles are Summer worthy playlist tracks for sure!


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