A-Z of Me

An A-Z post is an idea I came across as I searched for blogging prompts one day when I felt low on ideas. I thought it was a cool idea and took note of it in my phone but then completely forgot about it until recently, when I read other bloggers’ versions of the post and it got me inspired to write my own.

Coming up with a word for each letter of the alphabet about myself was a lot easier to do than I first expected and it was quite fun too! I’ve tried my best to include little facts that I might have not shared before in the hope that you might learn something new about the girl behind this blog. 😊

A – Art

I struggled between art and Autumn for the starting point but Art was my first love long before I knew what the seasons were. I’ve been drawing and sketching for as long as I remember and I really want to make a habit of getting back into it. I’m an artistic being!


B – Blogging

This seemed like the obvious choice really, but I wanted to include blogging as it has started to become part of who I am now! It has been the best creative outlet for me, given me support that I would have never known from fellow bloggers in the community and the confidence to submit opinion articles and have them published on different sites online. It’s one of the best things I have ever done.

Image: Pexels.com

C – Cars

I don’t drive yet (I need to get a shift on that) but something that you probably wouldn’t know about me is that I’m quite into cars. I know most model and make and I am always looking into my dream cars, which are between a black Volkswagen Beetle with beige leather interior, a Mini convertible or Countryman OR in my wildest dreams, a yellow and black Chevrolet Camaro… Why do you ask? It’s Bumblebee from Transformers!


D – Dreams

I have the most vivid dreams when I sleep. I can see and hear everything, know exactly where I am, what I am doing and have full flown conversations with who ever is in my dream. Once I wake up, I remember it all in detail as if it actually happened. I really should start keeping a dream diary…

E -E3

One of my bucket list trips since I’ve been a kid would be to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California! It’s a massive event for any gaming fan, and I’ve been watching as it happens online for years, salivating over all the latest video game and hardware news and releases!

F – Family/friends

I’m a Libra, therefore I’m a loyal bish! I know the family members and friends that have been there for me in life, and I would go through fire and water for them.

G – Gaming

I feel like this is one that might surprise people but I’m a gamer, and could easily lose HOURS of my life to gaming if I had the time. I even have to pick and choose what games I download onto my phone or I will get swallowed up by them and become totally addicted.

Image: Pexels.com

H – Hop

H is for hop because when I walk and I am in a good mood, I am always told I walk with a hop or bounce in my step. I’m a real life Tigger! 😂

I – Inbox

Which I need to have clear at all times, I can’t stand looking at a big red number looming over the email app on my phone’s home screen. It’s a real problem.

J – Jackie and Wilson

My favourite Hozier song!

K – Karma

I fully believe you get back what you put out in life. If you do good, you’ll eventually see rewards, but if you’re continually negative, especially towards others, it will eventually come back around and bite you in the ass! Your actions have consequences.

L – Live Events

I love heading along to gigs, and the buzz surrounding around a live event is like no other. Be it music or comedy, the fact you get to leave the outside world behind for a little while to soak up the entertainment from your favourite acts or artists is the best.


M – Music

This goes without saying. Music is part of my daily routine and it’s a need to keep me sane. Whether it’s popping in my earphones for a few moments, switching on the radio or aimlessly strumming on my guitar, I need to fit it in somewhere in my day.


N – Netflix

This is probably the word most people would think of nowadays when it comes to the letter N, and just like most people, I am not immune to the late night spiral of the Netflix binge. I am currently into the latest season of Black Mirror.

O – Optimistic

Okay, being optimistic can be bloody hard, but in times of hardship it’s important to remind yourself that there are better times ahead, this is something that takes time but I feel like I’m getting there with it and becoming more optimistic as time goes on.

P – Photography

I am not calling myself a photographer, by no means, but I love nothing better than snapping moments and working with cameras. I strive to improve on my photography all the time so who knows, it might be a route I take in the future but for now, it’s purely for the fun of it!


Q – Quotes

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a quote and if I hear a good one in a movie or read one in a book then I am all over it.


R – Radio

I don’t know where it started but I have a great love for radio and podcasts. I think with radio, it’s the dynamics of music and conversation, with podcasts, it’s having a voice in the background to listen to and being able to choose the type of conversation you want to invest in. I’ve even had the good fortune of working briefly in a radio station and it’s definitely something I want to do more of going forward.


S – Sparkle

I am weak when it comes to anything sparkly and shiny, I’m like a magpie and I just can’t help it. Okay?!

T – Technology

It’s probably common knowledge to most, but I am tech nerd through and through. Cameras, phones, laptops, gaming devices, and whatever is new, I need to know about them all and if there’s an issue with any of them then you can be sure I will stay with it until I fix it!

U – Unapologetic

I’m still working on this one but I mostly live life as unapologetically as I can, staying true to me. I’ve gone through stages of knowing exactly who I am and what I like, other times, I wasn’t so sure, but I know I’m not the only who has gone through feeling that way. As of now though, I know being myself is the best self I can be and I will never apologise for it!

V – Voice

I am a firm believer in using your voice and standing up for what you believe in. It’s difficult to do at times, I totally get that, but it’s so worth it.

W – Writing

Writing has always been a huge part of my life. I was 6 when I wrote and printed my first ‘book’ on our family computer and if I didn’t have a journal to scribble in or a device to type on, I would be miserable.

Image: Pexels.com

X – X-Ray

I have had my fair share of x-rays over the years, for everything from a busted nose, knee, pulled ligaments to dental, I have had them all 😂

Y – Youthful

I know I’m only 22 but I’ve always had a more youthful look, I still get mistaken for being in my teens to this day but I guess that will go in my favour in later years 😉


Z – Zero

As this is my last letter, I have zero facts left to give!

If you’ve managed to make it all the way to Z then thanks so much for reading! You have better patience than I have haha

What facts can I learn about you? Give me one or two about yourself in the comments below!


2 responses to “A-Z of Me”

  1. Okay, I loved this so much and I had so much fun reading it! I also learned we’re even more similar than I thought – other than drawing because I can’t do art to save my life and I know literally nothing about cars and the only video game I know how to play and play well is Sims🤣 But I am totally the same way with my inbox, it stresses me out to have those number piling up. And live music! YES, it’s one of my absolute favorite things in the whole wide world. I really enjoyed getting to know more facts about you- you’re the cutest!💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      Well, I also love Sims and I’m so glad to have someone to share that inbox dread with, I can’t bare it 😂

      aw thank you! I really wanted to include some different or more interesting facts than the run of the mill ‘facts about me’ and this definitely allowed me to do that, it was fun to write so I’m glad that came across while reading too 💗

      Liked by 1 person

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