Album Review – Happiness Begins, Jonas Brothers

It’s the moment all Jonatics have been waiting for, today sees the release of the Jonas Brothers’ fifth studio album, Happiness Begins. Between a hiatus and an eventual breakup, we have in fact, been waiting almost 10 years for a new Jonas Brothers studio release.

The brothers have recently said they wanted a new and improved sound, with feel good tracks. To inject a little happiness into the air with their latest album by sharing the positivity they are experiencing in their current stages of life. Not only is this album full of those feel good beats, it doesn’t shy away from the more hard hitting and relatable topics of anxiety, dealing with mixed emotions, breakups and love. I feel it’s pulling together the stories of the brothers individual lives from the past 6 years as life without the Jonas Brothers and the 10 year time period in which the last Jonas Brothers studio album release. It’s almost like this album explores the journey they have undertaken in order to achieve the happiness they feel today.

With the likes of Ryan Tedder and Max Martin on board to help compose and produce tracks for the album, there have been high hopes for this release and it’s clear that their break away from the band and venture on solo projects afforded them the opportunity of growth they needed in order to find the right balance for the band.

That is exactly what you get from Happiness Begins, the perfect blend of a more mainstream and mature sound, but not too dissimilar from the Jonas Brothers we knew and loved back in day. This, I believe, was evident from the opening chord of their first new single ‘Sucker’ and I’m into it. I like how the brothers now have the freedom to grow into the artists they are today but haven’t gone too left field of what made them great.

My favourite tracks, excluding the singles, from the album are

  • Only Human – This is a fun tune that sounds like the Jo Bros are persuading their significant others to embrace, and not shy away from how they’re feeling because love is only human.
  • I Believe – This track is clearly about Nick’s relationship with Priyanka Chopra and the criticism they were subjected to for their ‘whirlwind’ romance. Going by the lyrics in ‘I Believe’ Nick, however, is committed to Chopra and married life and no-one can doubt it.
  • Happy When I’m Sad – In Happy When I’m Sad, the brothers define what it’s like to be in the midst of a celebratory career or lifestyle knowing everyone on the outside looking in expects you to be full of delight and on top of your game, when in reality that may not be the case. No matter what a person’s situation is, you never truly know what they are feeling inside and that is the message that clearly comes across in this track.
  • Hesitate – Hesitate has been previously described as Joe’s love letter to his wife Sophie Turner. Sophie has recently opened up about her own struggle with mental health and how Joe played a pivotal role in helping Sophie get through those struggles. Hesitate tells Sophie’s journey from Joe’s point of view and how he would take all her pain away in a heartbeat if he could. It’s beautifully written and will be unavoidable to find yourself shedding a tear or two, you have been warned!
  • Rollercoaster – In Rollercoaster, the brothers sing about being nostalgic for the early days of the band, while making peace with the past and embarking on their new beginning. This is going to a strong fan favourite, for sure.
  • Comeback – Although the lyrics in ‘Comeback’ could interpret the comeback of the band, they are wrote in terms of coming back around to a relationship you may thought you had lost in life. Either way, it’s good a track to represent a journey that brings you back full circle in life, be it a relationship or band reunion. It’s a lovely sentiment.

The only song I feel missing is Jersey, the beautiful little ode to their childhood home that played as the credits rolled on their Amazon prime documentary, Chasing Happiness, and I know I am not the only fan wishing for it to be released! They’ve given little hints in the form of Instagram comments that suggest it might be on the way, so perhaps it will feature on another album version of Happiness Begins!

Were you a Jonas Brothers stan back in the day? Are you excited for the comeback and digging their new sound? Let me know in the comments below 😊


3 responses to “Album Review – Happiness Begins, Jonas Brothers”

  1. I love your album reviews – they’re so fun and insightful! This album is so great and I agree with your favorites plus one of my other favorites is Love Her! I’ve only given it listen one time through (I know :/ ) but I’m definitely going to give it a further in-depth listen again really soon. I loved them so much when I was little. I was obsessed with Nick the most🤣

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    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      Thank you, that means a lot ❤️

      Love her is also a great one! It’s such a chill album to sit back and listen to 😊 Aw same with me, I was Jonas Brothers crazy growing up (still am really haha) and I was team Joe, because Shane Gray from Camp Rock stole my heart 😂

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  2. […] long. As the album needed a post of it’s own, I have a more in-dept review that you can read here and I have included just two songs from the album to this month’s playlist as I try to restrain […]


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