Beauty Review – L.A Girl Brow Pomade

*I would like to stress that I am not being paid to write about these products, I was not gifted the products for free, nor is this a sponsored post. I feel like in the current climate of misleading information online, it is important to address but I am just a little blogger doing her own thing and have bought all listed products with my own money.*

Welcome back to another beauty review, this time I am reviewing a nifty little brow product from L.A Girl. Just like eyeliner, a brow product is one I can’t be without and when my old faithful pomade from Makeup Revolution had reached the end of it’s timeline, I decided it was a chance to try something new. I was browsing through Cloud10Beauty when I came across the L.A Girl brow pomade, and with the shade I had originally wanted selling out before my eyes and a 5 star review on the site, I thought it was worth trying. At a price tag of €7.50, in it went to my shopping cart.

L.A Girl claims the brow pomade is…

  • A soft creamy formula
  • Ideal for filling, defining & sculpting brows
  • A long wearing formula for smudge proof, all day wear

I always use my trusty angled brush from Lottie London to apply brow products, and the minute I dipped my brush into the jar, I quickly felt just how soft and creamy this pomade is! This is no criticism on Makeup Revolution, but I don’t think I ever found their pomade to be as soft, even on the first application as a brand new product.

It filled any spaces that were in my brows and certainly defined them too, as you can clearly see in the pictures below.

Natural brow
L.A Girl brow pomade in ‘Warm Brown’

It also lives up to it’s claims of being long lasting because even after washing my face that night and the morning after, I hardly had to fill them in again!

I originally wanted to buy the shade ‘soft brown’ but as it had sold out, I went for ‘warm brown’ instead, which didn’t really matter all that much to me as I am quite dark haired. I go between black and dark brown depending on the seasons so that might be something to keep in mind if you are a lighter brunette, ‘warm brown’ is most definitely on the dark side out of the pot. Once you find the right shade, this is a brow product you NEED to add to your makeup bag. It’s reasonable in price, and great in quality!


4 responses to “Beauty Review – L.A Girl Brow Pomade”

  1. I actually said “wow” when I saw the before and after pictures because that is some seriously great pigment and defining! And especially if you said you didn’t have to bother with it too much the next morning even after washing your face. That is a fantastic product, great post, Denise!🙌🏻💕

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    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      It’s such a great little product, I am still using it daily and it doesn’t fail to impress! Thank you, I knew I had to share it here on the blog 💕

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  2. That is a LOT of pigment actually, I defenitely did not expect so much.
    I love how the brow makes your eyes pop too, so pretty ❤ 🙂

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    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      I know, I was so impressed with the pigment from this product, I still use it daily since writing this post x Aw thank you 💕

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