Beauty Wishlist

Hello, everyone, and or anyone who might be reading this! Seeing as I have never actually posted a beauty wish list before, I thought I would share some of the beauty products I would love to own.

Now, I was pretty lucky to receive a good few makeup products back at Christmas, and I have bought myself the all the brushes I could currently want so I feel pretty content with my lot and I am not in a huge rush to extend my collection, but there are a few products that caught my eye in recent months, and whether I buy these products or not I thought it would still be fun to share as I love reading these posts. They may also give you makeup inspiration for yourself or ideas for gifts if you have any occasions on the horizon!

Let’s dive in…

Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation


I recently read a review on Beauty With Alice about this foundation and I think it’s what swung it for me. I have yet to try the concealer from the same range but I feel like I could just go straight for this foundation. Revolution claims it offers lightweight yet buildable coverage while being available in 50 shades and contained in a glass bottle including a jumbo doe-foot applicator for greater control and less waste. All this for €10, you can’t go wrong really!

NYX Ultimate Brights Eye Shadow Palette


I have no words for this palette other than beautiful 😍 How bright and striking are those shades? I saw it first on Instagram and I fell for it straight away. It’s probably the product I want most from this list!

Benefit Roller Liner


I am a big fan of Benefit’s Roller range, particularly the Roller Lash mascara, so I was really interested to hear they were releasing a Roller Liner. I love my eyeliner, it’s the one makeup product I can’t be without and I really like the fact Roller Liner is a matte liner! I think it’s worth trying out.

Benefit Roller Brightening Waterline pencil


This is probably the one product I don’t really ‘need’ but it might be nice to team it with the Roller Liner. I am sure they would both be beautiful on the eyes 😍

Doll Beauty pigment


I believe Doll Beauty were first a lash brand on BeautyBay but they’ve recently extended their beauty range with the inclusion of highlighters, eye products and even tan but what really caught my eye are these beautiful pigments! To date there are no reviews online about the pigments but all the photographs show strong shades and stunning glitter so for €11 a piece they might be worth picking up. Their packaging is super fun and cute too!

Here are the two shades I liked most.

‘Sherbet’ – Deep pink with an orange/gold tone
‘Floss’ – A Golden Brown

That’s my current beauty wish list! Are there any makeup products that you are lusting over? Let me know in the comments below 😊


6 thoughts on “Beauty Wishlist

    1. I’m definitely going to pick it up soon! There’s some nice bits on this list, right? I love that NYX palette. Thanks for reading. X


  1. I hope you do get the NYX eye shadow palette because I would love to see the looks you would come up with – they would be amazing! I want to try the Benefit eyeliner, too! I love these types of posts, too🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I hear you! I recently did a clear out of my makeup collection, throwing out all of the old products and now I have space for some new ones which could prove to be quite dangerous for the bank balance 😅


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