Book Review – Born For The Road by Nathan Carter with Emma Heatherington

Hardback, 243 pages
Published September 27th, 2018 by Penguin Ireland

Genre: Autobiography, Music, Entertainment.
My Rating: 4/5


“Nathan Carter has become Ireland’s biggest country music star. He is heralded by many as reviving the country music genre and bringing it into the mainstream. He has sold out venues across the UK and Ireland, has landed his own primetime show, and is loved and respected by legions of fans across Ireland. But how did a lad from Liverpool accomplish all this before the age of 27?

In his revealing and inspirational autobiography, Nathan reminisces about his music filled childhood, and growing up in Merseyside with his Liverpool-Irish family. From his first taste of showbiz at the tender age of four, to his success on the north of England club circuit and his subsequent relocation to Donegal, Nathan explores the twists of fate that took him to chart success and to become Ireland’s adopted poster boy for country music.“

My Thoughts

By the age of 27, musician Nathan Carter already had a lot to write home about. Having grown up in Liverpool and making the move to Ireland in his late teens, he was fast on track to becoming the star who would revive Ireland’s country music scene, this much we know but what about the bit in the middle? How did it all come about and what was the journey he had to make in order to get there? That’s exactly what this book aims to uncover. 

Put together by Nathan and writer Emma Heatherington, this book is cleverly divided into two parts. The first being the autobiography, the second part, tour diary, and is a pleasure to read. 

I know a big fan favourite of the book was the tour diary and although it’s always fun to get an insight into life on the road, I found the autobiography and tales of Nathan’s family life in Liverpool to be so humble and endearing to read. The pieces of Nathan’s musical journey start to come together from the get go, and it’s clear that he was always destined for the stage but it didn’t come without it’s up and downs and like any big dream the ground work had to be done for it to be secured. We all have an idea of the entertainers who stand upon the stage but behind the star is the ordinary person they have always been. 

In addition to the main two parts of the book, there is a section dedicated to fan stories and what Nathan and his music means to them, which I think is a lovely gesture as it’s not something we often see in a musician’s memoir, it’s a real collaborative effort and it’s nice to see. 

Country music fan or not, if you’re looking for an inspirational tale of big dreams, determination and the success hard work can result in then is the read for you! 



2 responses to “Book Review – Born For The Road by Nathan Carter with Emma Heatherington”

  1. Oh, country music is my favorite! And he -and this book – sound so great and interesting. I’ll have to give him a listen🤗

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    1. The book makes for a great read! You should check out his albums ‘Livin’ The Dream’ & ‘Born For The Road’ I think you would like them ☺️

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