Where I Want My Blog To Go In 2019


With the addition of daily blogging back in December, the end of 2018 really boosted my confidence and motivation in blogging and I have so many plans for my blog going forward in 2019. 

First of all, is the design side of things, the current blog theme I am using has been a permanent fixture on this site for the past year now and while I have loved it’s simplistic, magazine style, I feel like it’s time for a change. I think I still want a magazine style design but it’s time to make the transition to a more crisp and consistent look, I can already see the change in my minds view! I have a new logo design that is ready and waiting to go, it’s simple but fun and definitely represents where I currently am in life. You may also have noticed that I have a new blog post sign off too! 

The biggest change I am hoping to make is probably to the web domain and remove that .wordpress.com you would usually see after my blog’s name in the web address bar. It’s a little thing to some but by upgrading my wordpress plan, I will have the freedom to do so much more with my site and now that I have been putting the work in, it’s a change I am willing to make. It’s time to get my creativity on! 

I really am excited to make the changes and determined to get the best out of my blog this year. My reason for blogging isn’t to gain ‘fame’ or make money, (nor am I any where near that level) but to be a creative outlet that allows me to share and write about what I love, and open conversations with fellow bloggers and readers/commenters which is what I love most! I hope this is more of what my blog will become in the coming year. A fun and engaging part of the internet that people will enjoy coming and going to. ❤️


4 responses to “Where I Want My Blog To Go In 2019”

  1. I’m so exited for you and to see the changes you make this year!! I just know it’s going to be great🤗💕

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    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      Aw thank you so much! Your comments always keep me going ❤️

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  2. I look forward to seeing all these changes, and glad you’re really enjoying blogging and feeling really creative, it’s the best 💕

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    1. Thank you Amanda! These kind comments mean so much ❤️

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