Why I Am Not Setting Timed Goals This Year


Happy New Year, everyone! Isn’t it a breath of fresh air to have 2019 here? It’s no secret that 2018 wasn’t exactly my favourite but now that 2019 is here, I am embracing the brand new start! Which is why today I am writing about my plans for 2019 and why they aren’t exactly set in stone. 

Goals and New Year’s resolutions have been known to put an awful lot of pressure on people, we spend Christmas indulging in goodness and then in the first few days of January we try to cram all the hopes and dreams that we have ever wanted onto one miraculous list that we assume we should complete in 12 months. If that’s the sort of pressure we put on our shoulders in the space of a few hours, is it any wonder why the resolutions become broken? No, that’s too much pressure to bestow on anyone, so with the exhausting time I had in 2018, I decided I didn’t need that kind of unnecessary stress going into the New Year. 

Sure, it’s good to have a plan, and there are definitely a few personal ‘goals’ I want to achieve but I made sure that those goals are actually achievable (one of which I have already ticked off) and I made up to a To-Do list rather than a goal list. The fact it’s a To-Do list makes it appear less daunting and I purposely chose personal tasks that I know I can work on, achieve and will make difference to my daily life. As I said, the majority of these tasks are manageable but if I don’t get some of them completed in the year, it will be okay because I haven’t set a specific time for myself to complete them. 

There are six tasks I want to get through this year and they would be simple enough tasks to most but they are personal to me and I think that’s the key. Start small with tasks that will make a difference to your personal life and work from there. They don’t have to look impressive on paper or to others, they just need to speak to you. 

So, take on small achievable goals, don’t give yourself a set time frame to complete them and be less stressed. If that’s not the order of 2019, then I don’t know what is – Sounds pretty good to me!dda17275-e343-4147-87c5-4d2e3843d6a8

6 responses to “Why I Am Not Setting Timed Goals This Year”

  1. Some very good tips here I’m doing
    The same conscious to do list rather than goals. Wishing you a happy new year 🥳

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    1. It just makes reaching those tasks so much more achievable! Thank you, Happy New Year to you too ❤️


  2. Great approach to resolutions/goals! I’ve totally made the mistake of wanting to do too much in a certain timeframe and then failed. By just having realistic, attainable goals, you set yourself up for success! Happy 2019!

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    1. Thank you! It’s so easy to weigh yourself down with the things you think you are supposed to achieve but it just isn’t attainable, the kinder we are to ourselves, the more we’ll get done. Happy 2019 to you too. X


  3. I never liked the pressure of New Years either! I love the idea and feeling of a fresh start but you’re so right that we try to cram all our dreams into the first few days. Which results in burning out because it’s quite impossible. I made some goals this year but I scaled them back from what I didn’t achieve last year and made it much more manageable. And like you, it’s sort of more like a to-do list! I loved this post!💕

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    1. I agree, I fully believe in the New Year being the best time for a fresh start as we leave the previous year behind us but it shouldn’t be a time to put pressure on ourselves! The thoughts of a to-do list makes me feel so much more motivated than plucking massive goals out of thin air. 😂 I hope you achieve all that’s on your 2019 to-do list. X

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