Blogmas Day 19 – A Roundup of the Bloggers/Content Creators I Enjoyed This Year


We’re coming up to the time of year where the roundup posts of our yearly favourites begin to surface, I always love reading what products or clothing pieces people have adored over the past year but I don’t want to write about products this year, instead, I want to share the bloggers and content creators that have provided me with quality blog reading, vlog watching and Instagram inspiration! Maybe you know of these ladies already, or maybe you’ll find some new bloggers to love, either way, I hope you enjoy! 

In no particular order, my top 7 are… 

Clóda Scanlon / OrangeObviously 




Fenella Fox / TheFoxFiles 



Kellie Marie / KellieMariee



Gemma Jamieson / Gemma’sLittleWorld



Tori Tyreman / IndigoRosee



Nina Louise / NinaLouiseLaw 



Miriam Mullins 



I believe these ladies deserve to be mentioned as they are all so hard working, and produce top quality content. I have found myself chatting with many of the girls on social media throughout the year and they’ve always been willing to respond with such supportive comments and messages. They also inspire me to keep going with my blogging and making the best possible content I can! 

Join me tomorrow when I hit the 20th post of Blogmas 😮 With just 4 more to go, I can’t believe I got this far. We’re on the homestretch now! 


4 responses to “Blogmas Day 19 – A Roundup of the Bloggers/Content Creators I Enjoyed This Year”

  1. What a nice post to do! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you. X


  2. You’re the absolute sweetest and I’m so happy to call you a friend! You’re so hardworking and produce amazing content, too! So glad we discovered each other and I’m excited to see what else you do in the new year!💕

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    1. Aww Kellie, you’ll make me all emosh! hehe I’m so glad our blogs brought us together as friends too ❤ I've quite a few things planned for my blog in the new year and I am excited to see where you blog goes in 2019 too! 😀

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