Blogmas Day 13 – My Top Christmas Movies


December 13th… I am sure you’ve watched a few Christmas movies by now and I have too. Which got me to thinking, what are my top movies to watch during the holidays? Keep scrolling and you might just found out! 

My festive faves are…

  1. Elf 
  2. The Santa Clause 
  3. The Grinch 
  4. Home Alone 
  5. The Muppets Christmas Carol 
  6. Arthur Christmas 

These are the set in stone list of movies I have to watch during Christmas! What are yours? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂


2 responses to “Blogmas Day 13 – My Top Christmas Movies”

  1. The first 4 are my most favorite, too! I’ve never seen Arthur Christmas or the muppets one which are now being added to my watch list before Christmas! My other favorite is Christmas vacation!

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    1. Oh wow, really? I am sure you would be able to stream them some where! I have never seen Christmas vacation so that is most definitely on my list now too 😀

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