Blogmas Day 12 – 10 Things You Need For A Winter Night In


Who loves a list post? I think they look so organised and are always a pleasure to read through, so I incorporated a few of them into this year’s Blogmas and today’s post comes in the form of 10 things you need for a Winter night in!

They are…

  1. A cup of something warm
  2. The fire 
  3. A cozy blanket 
  4. Fluffy socks 
  5. Movies 
  6. Books 
  7. Scented candle 
  8. Chilled Tunes 
  9. Snacks 
  10. Putting Phones Away

That’s a wrap on the twelfth post, I can’t believe I am already half way through or that I’ve managed to blog for 12 days straight when I could go weeks without blogging in the past, yet here I am, daily blogging for almost two weeks! It’s been such a learning curve, but so fun too. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow when I’ll be discussing my Top 5 Christmas movies ❤️ 


2 responses to “Blogmas Day 12 – 10 Things You Need For A Winter Night In”

  1. List posts are the best! This post gave me all the cozy vibes and now I know what I’m doing tonight haha

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    1. Omg I feel the exact same way about list posts, they’re a pleasure to sit back and read! haha yay, I hope you have the coziest Winter night in. X

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