Album Review – Sweetener, Ariana Grande


Last Friday, Twitter was awash with tweets from delighted music fans around the world all wishing each other a Happy Sweetener Day. Yes, it was the day all Arianators were waiting for, the day Ariana Grande’s awaited album, Sweetener, dropped.

This was Ariana’s comeback, and she was doing it in style. It’s been her chance to come back and show the world just how strong her character is.

I can’t go any further without mentioning the horrific ordeal that occurred on May 22nd of 2017. Where many young people lost their lives and others are still left readjusting to a different way of life. We could never understand the pain and suffering that came to those families, and while Ariana Grande maybe able to piece her life back together that bit easier than those physically affected, she was still just a 24 year old who was at the very centre of a despicable act that would change her life forever.

We don’t know what goes through another person’s mind but it must have been extremely difficult for Ariana to find the strength to start making music again, and that is why Sweetener is so special.

It opens with a 38 second a capella intro called ‘Raindrops (An Angel Cried)’ with her vocals sounding both haunting and emotionally driven, we are given a glimpse into the darkness felt before the light. This isn’t the only tribute to the victims of the tragedy, as the outro for the track ‘Get Well Soon’ – which is a universal ode to anyone going through a dark time – includes a 40 second silence bringing the end time to 5 minutes, 22 seconds, a fitting dedication to those at the Manchester attack on May 22nd. ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ is an empowering pop anthem with the official video for the track featuring another beautifully subtle tribute.

‘Breathin’ is dedicated to Ariana overcoming her struggles with anxiety and will be relatable and comforting to those who also experience the difficulty of mental health issues. While the likes of ‘Pete Davidson’ – although short and sweet – is devoted to her fiancé and the happiness she now finds herself surrounded in.

We all know the smash hit singles ‘God Is A Woman’ and ‘Light Is Coming’ and there are many more fun and uplifting tracks like ‘Blazed’, ‘Successful’, ‘Borderline’, and ‘R.E.M’ to enjoy.

This maybe an album charged with emotion but there is also a message of hope to be found, and songs that will make you want to dance your troubles away. Arianator or not, I would urge you to listen to this album as Miss Ariana Grande has well and truly made her comeback.


2 responses to “Album Review – Sweetener, Ariana Grande”

  1. I haven’t listened to this album yet, or really many of her songs other than what makes it to the radio, but I think I need to after reading this! I think it’s so great that she took so much pride and time with this album and even included tributes to those who were tragically affected. I think her voice is incredible and that she seems like a really great person so I have no idea what’s taken me so long to listen to her albums in full!

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    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Kellie! It’s an album worth checking out, for sure. I think the tributes are so touching, she’s letting her fans know that what they went through will never be forgotten ❤️

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