Goal Digger | Setting and Reaching Your Goals for 2018

IMG_1368Happy New Year, all! I want to start by saying I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are now feeling rested and ready for the year ahead. I don’t know about you, but I have a good feeling about 2018.

I have goals a plenty and today I want to help you sort your goals for the New Year, Forget resolutions and trying to do everything at once just because it’s January 1st, it never works out like that. Give yourself the year to work towards goals rather than bombarding yourself with unrealistic start of the year resolutions that you think should be completed by February.

Here are the solutions that I believe will help you and I smash those goals.

Write Your Goals Down

I don’t mean taking notes in your phone app either, I mean physically write your goals down with good old fashioned pen and paper, preferably in a notebook dedicated to your goals. Physically writing your goalsout will help to make them real and you’re more likely to act on them when they are sitting in front of you.

Categorise ThemΒ 

Try not to write or type up a massive list of endless goals onto the one page, break them up into different categories so that you prioritise the aspects of your life you want to work on. An example of this would be sorting them out into categories like: Personal, career/education, hobbies or fitness. What ever is important to you!

Take Each Goal Step by Step

Once you have the initial goal set in stone, write down the necessary steps you need to take in order to get you there. Do you want to exercise more? What form of exercise will you do and how many times per week? Do you want to start a blog? Will you open an account on Blogger or WordPress? The more specific you are, the closer you are to making it reality. Detail is key.

Take The First Step

So you know what you want to achieve and how to go about it, but none of those targets will be hit until you make some effort to get the process rolling. Perhaps there’s a camera club or art course you would like to partake in, well the first step to getting there would be to research all courses or groups available to you and then ringing or emailing asking to join or enrol.

Be Realistic and Kind

I’m all for believing in the power of making your own dreams come true, but sometimes the smallest step needs to be taken in order to get to the bigger ones. In that case, I highly recommend that you ensure the goals you have made are realistic and within your grasp. If you want to take up running and have never trained, maybe you need to start by walking first and don’t expect to be doing your city’s major marathon within a month. Most of all, take a moment or two often, to breathe and relax. Your goals are meant to inspire you to improve on day to day life and not weigh you down. If your 2018 goals don’t get completed in full, don’t beat yourself up about it and bring them into the next year with you. Rome wasn’t built in a day!


There you have it, five (hopefully) helpful tips to carry you into the New Year. – Have a good one.


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      Aw thank you! I am glad you enjoyed ❀


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