Blogmas #3 – DIY Candy Cane Nails


With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would share a tutorial to get your nails looking sharp this festive season. This red candy cane style is so easy to recreate (I mean, I was capable of it) and will have your nails looking super festive for the Christmas period ahead.

Let’s get started!

You Will Need…


  • Base Coat
  • Red Polish
  • White nail striper polish or a striper tool
  • Top Coat
  1. After applying your base coat and leaving to dry, paint all of your nails red.

IMG_10912. Once the red polish has dried, start by talking your striper nail art polish and begin at the ends of your nails by creating a curved line. When drawing the line make sure to move your nail instead of the brush. This makes it so much easier to create.

IMG_11033. Taking your white polish again, create non vertical or slanted lines on your ring finger.

IMG_11074. Finish with your top coat of choice and voila! Your nails are now Christmas ready πŸ˜€




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