Book Review – Adventures of a Wonky-Eyed Boy by Jason Byrne

IMG_0314“So begins Jason Byrne’s Adventures of a Wonky-Eyed Boy, a laugh-out-loud memoir that captures the childhood adventures of an accident-prone youngster in 1970s and 1980s suburban Dublin.”

When one of Ireland best loved comedians announced he was planning on releasing a memoir I knew I had to have it. Having seen and heard material on Jason’s life through his stand-up I anticipated an enjoyable read, but the in depth account was more than I could have hoped for.

Adventures of a Wonky-Eyed Boy covers Jason’s life from the ages 4 to 17, starting with his early days at crèche right through to his Leaving Cert. With each page we’re treated to tales of all kinds of hilarity from sleeping in a box room cold enough to set a trifle in (it was the draught), family holidays to the Isle of Man being forced out to play football on rocky beaches, to temporarily blinding himself (kind of) with an exploding can of baked beans caused by a Halloween bonfire accident.

Although I am a comedy fan, I don’t believe you necessarily have to be one to appreciate this book, whether you want to reminisce over your Irish upbringing, want an insight into what it meant to grow up in 70’s/80’s Ireland or just want a fun and lighthearted read then I guarantee this is the book for you!

I have to include the fact that this memoir is also accompanied with some very clever illustrations by Nicky Phelan, which really add to the stories being told.

All in all, I adored this book and can only hope that Jason will write another but until then I would 100% consider reading it again in the case of a laugh needed!


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