What’s In My Bag | Day Festival Edition

IMG_0008As festival season is well and truly on top of us I thought I would take to the blogosphere to share the crucial items I cannot leave the house without before heading to an all day concert/festival. My top five essentials are as follows…



My number one priority! You would be surprised at the amount of times people have forgot to bring or misplaced their tickets but it does happen so don’t be that person and store them in your chosen bag.



Pretty self explanatory but an absolute essential to store cash, ID and tickets.



I never leave for an outdoor’s event without a raincoat, preferably an easy to fold one. You never know when that rain cloud might choose to hover so be ready! I just roll it up and leave it at the base of my bag.



A compact camera to snap those all important shots in finer detail, plus my phone battery is never going to hold up throughout the day if my camera app is constantly running!



Again, another absolute essential for contact with friends or family you might be meeting there, looking for or getting home with. Never leave the house without some form of contact.

So, those are my staples when it comes to packing for an all day festival, some other bits that I often pack but are not included in this post are tissues and/or wipes and hand sanitisers because it is a day out to a festival after all and there’s bound to be pit stops at Portaloos and the likes!

What are your must-have festival essentials? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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