Concert Diaries | Holycross Cut Loose Country Festival 2017

IMG_8225It’s been forever and a day but I am finally back with another Concert Diaries post! To be honest, it’s been ages since I’ve actually went out to a gig so what perfect way to get back onto the live music train than with my annual trip to the Cut Loose Country Festival.

Each year, on the 3rd Sunday in July all roads lead to Holycross in Co.Tipperary where the local GAA pitch becomes an epicentre of country music.  Country music festivals always have a different atmosphere surrounding them with Cut Loose being no exception. On days like these there is always a strong sense of unity among the concert goers. From elders and teenagers to young kids, there is no sense of divide in an event like the Cut Loose Country Festival, everyone gets involved in the craic and music, all joining in conversation and dancing the day away. That’s not something that can be replicated elsewhere.

Aside from it being a joyous place to be, it’s fantastic value for money with over six hours of entertainment from Ireland’s top country stars for just 20 euro a ticket and under 12’s going free once accompanied by an adult.

This year’s performances came from Louise Morrissey (who was also MC), Cliona Hagan, Philomena Begley, Michael English, Derek Ryan, Nathan Carter and The Conquerors who are practically the house band on the day playing for hours on end.

DSC00375DSC00380DSC00388DSC00393DSC00411DSC00425DSC00420DSC00422DSC00416DSC00444holycrosscollageAll acts were impeccable on the day and I wouldn’t have expected anything less, it’s also the day I got the chance to see both Philomena Begley and Derek Ryan live for the first time, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed their performances!

I hope you’re all enjoying what the festival season has to offer and here’s to Cut Loose Country Festival 2018!




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