Confessions of a Bookaholic


Being a bookworm can be seriously consuming, emotionally draining and sometimes a little expensive, but you wouldn’t have it any other way…

Here’s my take on life as a Bookaholic.

1. Loosing hours, weeks, maybe even days in a bookstore.


2. You love that new book smell more than anything.


3. You hyperventilate at the thoughts of travelling without your current read.

4. Constantly making funny references to books, that no else understands.

5. You don’t dare watch the movie before you read the book.


6. …Then proceed to tell everyone watching the movie just how much better the book actually is. (Guilty)Β 


7. You sacrifice sleep for more reading time.

8. Book hangovers.



9. That moment of dread when you finish a really good book.

10. And most importantly… You wear your book nerd title with pride.


Are you a major bookworm? Can you relate to these bookish quirks? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

-Denise. xx

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bookaholic

  1. I can relate to so many of these. Especially number 5. Right now I’m reading American Gods, because I want to watch the series but can’t bring myself to do so before reading the book first. And I love that you used a gif of Belle. She was always my favorite Disney princess because of her love of reading.

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    1. Oh, I know right?! I would feel wrong if I proceeded to watch a series or movie before finishing the books. I had to read all of The Hunger Games before the movies were released! Belle is the BEST, I had to include the gif, her love of books is a big part of why I love Beauty and the Beast. πŸ™‚


    1. Don’t I know it 😯 I am enjoying my current read so much that I am DREADING finishing it because I just know a book hangover is looming in the air. πŸ˜† Oh wow, I haven’t read Heartless yet but I loved Marissa’s Cinder!

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      1. I am sure I will push through… and then hit another! Haha I couldn’t put Cinder down, it’s so interesting but I really must continue to read the rest in the series!


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