February & March Favourites 2017

feb&marchfaves17Remember back to January when I said I wouldn’t miss a favourites post this year? Yeah well, that didn’t particularly work out as planned and instead, I have decided to share what I have been loving over the past two months, in which I sourced out an absolute style steal, regained a new found confidence in glasses wearing and divulged in many a Spotify playlist.

Here is a taster of all those combined.

What I Wore…


First up is that style steal I was harping on about. Reduced from 35 euro to 18, is this fab bomber jacket I happened to pick up in Tesco’s F&F range, believe it or not. It was the colour and style that originally caught my attention but it also features a super snug fleece lining and a shower resistant finish which means you don’t have to compromise on style for braving the outdoors!


Now for something that is probably most exciting to me… My new frames.

Yep, I am a glasses/contacts wearer but my old specs just did not cut it for me anymore. I had really outgrown the shape and colour and no longer enjoyed wearing them, yet, the lovely people at Specsavers regained my faith when they found the perfect pair for me. Literally, I feel like these frames are me to a T and have completely restored my confidence in glasses wearing, I haven’t been this excited to wear glasses in years!


On my nails I have been sporting Essie’s ‘Chinchilly’. I loved this slate grey nail lacquer so much that I found myself reapplying when I needed to. I really can’t curb my Essie obsession. ❤

I was Reading… 

onebysarahcrossanWhile I did hit a serious reading slump these past couple of weeks, one absolute gem came to the rescue. That gem was none other than One by Sarah Crossan. It’s a verse novel surrounding the lives of conjoined twins, Grace and Tippi as they come to terms with having to deal with school, friends, love and typical teenage life. It’s a beautiful little novel that I soon devoured and plan on posting about in the near future.

I’ve been listening to…

Move Your Body – Sia

A song implanted on mine, and probably everyone’s brain in the country as the promo song for Dancing With The Stars Ireland but, as a big fan of Sia I won’t complain 🙂

Emerald – LYRA

Speaking of Sia, here is Ireland’s very own. Hailing from Cork, Lyra bring us an alt-pop and almost sometimes Celtic track accompanied with strong beats and ascending vocals. She is a talent and I am obsessed.

Divide – Ed Sheeran

Of course, I don’t have to say much on this album. March was the month Ed came back with a bang and I have no doubt that your social media feeds were inundated with all kinds of thoughts on Divide and I, myself just couldn’t get enough.

That’s it for now, don’t forget to let me know what you have been loving these past couple of weeks.

Until next month – Weesi ❤

6 responses to “February & March Favourites 2017”

  1. I love love your style and your blog! ❤ I just followed you! It would be great if we can support each other. Have an awesome day! 🙂 thinkhappythoughts.blog

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    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      Aw thank you very much. 🙂 Of course we can, I just followed your blog too. ❤


      1. Aww thanks 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of your post!

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      2. weesisworldblog Avatar

        You too! Maybe we could even collab sometime 🙂


      3. I love collabs!! Would love to do it in the future 🙂


      4. weesisworldblog Avatar

        I would totally be up for one. If you have an ideas at all don’t hesitate to contact me. 😀 You can get me on Twitter too at weesisworldblog


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