Book Review – Breakdown by Sarah Mussi


It is 2084, and what should be a vibrant new age is a breakdown of society by nuclear devastation, lack of power, food and government. The aim? Survival.

Those who are surviving are house bound with fear or joining violent gangs as the streets are guarded by killer dogs and ruthless gang members ready for prey.

Melissa and her Nan are part of the surviving community living from what ever produce they manage to grow in their back garden, whilst traipsing the streets for trade.

But one night, as Melissa and her Nan are out after curfew, they get attacked by the feral dogs with Melissa falling and drowning in the Thames, only to be rescued by a young gang member, Tarquin. With the death of her Nan and being held captive by the same gang, Melissa’s world falls apart which only leads to multiple acts of desperation.

Breakdown may be another one of those YA dystopian novels you see popping up by the dozen but I found it to be a fascinating concept. When you think to the future, your mind instantly gravitates towards advancing technologies, be it, hover cars or teleportation travel not the world diminishing right before your eyes.

I really took a gamble on this book, as I had no previous knowledge of author or book before picking it up. However, it proved to be a gripping read from page one and I totally flew through it. Often random book buys end up being the best you have read for a while and this was certainly the case, now I have a new author who’s books I am sure to enjoy.

Another one for your TBR list!

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