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Hi All!

On a recent YouTube binge of all my current subscriptions I came across this Concert Tag from  Zoe London and thought it would be a fun blog post to make. As I previously mentioned in my 20 Facts About Me post, I love nothing better than to be heading out to a gig. Stand-alone gigs or festivals, music or comedy, I’m there!

So, here’s my version of The Concert Tag inspired by ZoeLondon.

1. What was the first concert you attended?

My first proper music concert was The Jonas Brothers when they played what was then, The o2, back in 2009. I received tickets for my 13th birthday and still say to this day it was one of the best birthday presents. It honestly meant so much to me and the excitement on the train to Dublin was immeasurable, I had the best time.

2. What was your most recent gig?

My most recent music gig was a Country Music Festival but the latest comedy and gig in general for me was Deirdre O’Kane.

3. How many gigs have you been to?

Gosh, I don’t know if I am calculating this correctly but between comedy and music, I think I am right in saying close to 40. That’s over the best part of 9 years, I’ve been going to comedy gigs a bit longer than music.

4. Which artist have you seen the most?

Irish folk/rock band Keywest.

5. What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled for a music event?

Well, I did bump into Keywest while on a trip to Liverpool last year, I happened to be walking down the same street they were busking on which was a pretty cool surprise. Other than that I guess it would be Dublin.

6. Best opening act you’ve seen?

Booka Brass Band. Without a doubt!

7. Have you met any bands/artists at concerts?

Yes. I have been extremely lucky to meet many over the years, even better that they were everything I had hoped and more. They say you should never meet your heroes but thankfully that hasn’t been the case for me.

8. Have you met internet friends at concerts?

I have indeed, at one gig in particular, I met up with many friends I had been talking to about the band we had in common, one of whom is now a best friend of mine and at least four others I have stayed in contact and attended more gigs with. They’re good mates.

9. Have you ever caught a guitar pick/drumstick or set-list?

Yep! I have caught a guitar pick, signed and sealed! 🙂

10. Best concert(s) you’ve been to and why?

The three gigs that come to mind are The Jonas Brothers as previously mentioned. Royseven, a band I hold great memories of, and Imelda May @ Cork Jazz Festival because it was absolutely electric.

Lastly, I tag anyone who loves their music and gigs to take part in this fun little tag. I really enjoyed writing it and it’s certainly left me feeling super nostalgic and yearning for more gigs!

Until next time. X

3 responses to “The Concert Tag”

  1. Omg keywest! You’re so lucky, I love them 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. weesisworldblog Avatar

      I have been very lucky when it comes to my favourite bands and artists. ❤ Have you seen Keywest live? (I'm a big fan too)


  2. […] I recently found this tag over on Weesi’s World and I just really wanted to do it so here it is! Please be sure to check out Weesi’s World blog, she’s amazing I love her so much! The Concert Tag – Weesi’s World.  […]


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