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Hello, blogger buddies!!!

After a brief blogging absence and inconsistent posting schedule I am finally setting in stone where my blog has been and the direction I want to take it in next.

I am a writer by default, from the age of six I wrote and printed my own ‘books’ and short stories on our family computer, I write when I am anxious, happy or sad. Writing has been a saviour for me at times and I have always felt like it’s something I was meant to do.

I started my blog last Summer, and with great intentions of making it a space for me to share my thoughts on topics I love, highlight issues I feel are important to me and extend a little further on my hobby of writing as my desired course of college would be Journalism or English based in someway.

However, I started my blog at both the worst and best time possible. The worst because I fell ill with, what was at the time, an undiagnosed thyroid problem which not only gave me an array of health issues (that is a whole other blog post in itself) but a total lack of concentration leaving me with a sense of failure surrounding everything in my life including my blog and ability to write, something I have never struggled with.

On the other hand, having a blog was great for me during recovery while adjusting on medication, it gave me something to focus on when I couldn’t do anything else.

I took a step back to look at my blog and quickly realised the majority of my posts were purely there to serve as content to fill my blog and I wasn’t really proud of that.

I always planned to showcase the things I cared about, unfortunately I lost sight of that along the way but I guess it’s hard to care about being creative when you can just about trudge through your days.

It slowed me down, but that’s about to change. I have recently switched from Blogger to WordPress and revamped my blog’s design and purpose. I have imported the older posts that I am happy with and the others have now been deleted. My blog will mostly be photography, music and book based with a few opinion posts thrown in for good measure, I am sure. I am giving the right amount of time and thought to what I will be writing about and plan to publish at least once a week, if not twice.

To whoever has been reading, I hope you will re-join me on this little blogging journey and get involved with any of the posts that are of interest to you.

Let’s make this a fun and positive discussion space for all. X

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