Festival Throwback #3 | Vodafone Comedy Festival 2015


Hey blogger buddies!!!

Today’s Festival Throwback comes to you in the form of The Vodafone Comedy Festival.

The Vodafone Comedy Festival takes place every July and will run for four full days in total. It’s located in the beautiful surroundings of Iveagh Gardens, in the heart of Dublin city and has done for the past ten years now. It always boasts an outstanding line-up of both the best Irish and International comedy acts, all of which will take to the stage in five indoor fully seated venues temporarily placed for the weekend.

I attended for the first time, last year and being the absolute comedy nerd I am, I couldn’t wait to go to, what I think is one of Ireland’s best comedy festivals.


Not only was it a day for catching some of my favourite comedians but also a day to meet up my very best friend, Aine whom I hadn’t seen in the longest time. We currently live quite far from each other so a comedy festival was the perfect excuse to meet up. After all, you can’t beat laughter with friends. It was the beginning of a very fun day.



The show we went along to see featured David O’Doherty, Joe List, sketch comedy trio Foil Arms and Hog, Holly Walsh and Chris Kent as MC on the day.

David O’Doherty, like always was accompanied by his keyboard and treated us to some very hilarious and witty songs. I distinctly remember one of his songs being about Instagram posts in real life, and I’d recommend looking it up on YouTube if it’s there.

Foil Arms & Hog are one of my favourite sketch comedy acts and definitely didn’t disappoint on the day either. They are known for viral YouTube videos and as funny as those online sketches are (those videos are part of the reason I know them) you’ve seen nothing until you’ve witnessed that transition to stage and their outstanding energetic live performance.

Upon seeing Chris Kent twice that Summer I became quite the fan. His timing and delivery are impeccable and is the perfect accompany to the dry wit he is known for.

Holly Walsh and Joe List are the two I didn’t know of and therefore didn’t know what to expect. I remember Joe List being quite good but Holly Walsh I will always remember for taking the piss out of myself and Aine’s full festival floral crowns before making us stand up for the whole audience to see said crowns. It was all in good humour though, and left us being referred to as the bridesmaids for the rest of evening, around ALL of Iveagh Gardens. I assume it was heard through the speaker up top of the tent.

Overall, it was a pretty comedy gold filled show for a fantastic price and we really enjoyed it.


The fabulous stilt walkers I bumped into and made get into selfies. Thankfully, they were all full of craic and quite cool to talk to.


…and to top it all off, a selfie with these legends. Our selfie game is pretty strong, obviously.

As you can probably guess by now, my first experience of The Vodafone Comedy Festival was extremely positive. It’s certainly a festival you don’t want to miss out on. It’s back for it’s tenth year, this July with a line-up that is only bigger and better. To check out the full line-up and grab your tickets hop on over to the official site vodafonecomedy.com and thank me later. 😉

Blog soon. X

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