Festival Throwback #1 | Kilkenny Cat Laughs 2015 (Volunteering Experience)


Summer is here and with that, comes various festivals nationwide. So, as an ode to the glorious festival season, I have decided to make all upcoming Throwback Thursday/Flashback Friday’s festival themed.

This week I throw my thoughts right back to Kilkenny and my favourite festival, The Cat Laughs.

The Kilkenny Cat Laughs is annually held over the June Bank Holiday and is renowned for it’s killer line-up of both Irish and International comedy acts.

Anyone who knows me, will know that I am a self confessed stand-up nerd. I love going to comedy gigs, it’s very much a live in the moment event and the whole purpose of the night is to have a laugh and enjoy yourself. There is nothing better.

The Bank Holiday was approaching and I was going to spend it as a Cat Laughs volunteer.


I worked on shows from that Friday right through to Sunday evening. Friday came around fast and although I was excited, I was also slightly anxious at the thoughts of my first festival experience as a volunteer, not to mention it being a festival jam packed with many of my comedy heroes. Needless to say, any anxious thoughts soon left me as I met up with the venue manager and other volunteers of the night, because everyone was so welcoming and great to work with, it made everything run so smoothly and this continued all weekend.

I did everything from taking tickets at the door, to ushering people to their seats, wiping tables and getting involved in turnarounds for back to back shows and post show clean up. Anything I could do to make someone else’s job easier, I did, why not?! It was all part of the experience and I enjoyed every minute.


There is the odd down time to enjoy shows too and I was lucky enough to see my favourites from Al Porter to Jason Byrne and be surrounded by the likes of Jack Dee, just to name a few. Not forgetting the bit of footie between the Irish and International acts come Sunday evening, that’s just as entertaining!








I had an absolute ball last year and would urge anyone that can to volunteer, or even snap up the tickets left to experience the buzz of the Cat Laughs that can’t possibly be replicated elsewhere.

Check out the line up here: thecatlaughs.com

Follow me on Twitter & Instagram and let me know what festivals you are most looking forward to this Summer.

Until next Thursday. X

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