Book Review – Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg


As book sequels go this is possibly one of my favourites. Unlike the first book, Girl Online On Tour has a more realistic feel to it. Now, I love getting lost in a good chick lit but many YA novels can take the direction of being completely filled with magical love stories and fairytale endings, it can get a bit boring. Sugg’s second novel on the other hand, has the perfect balance of dream life excitement, self importance, reality and sometimes even humour that had me hooked from the first page.

The plot continues seamlessly from the first book, it’s now six months later and sees Penny concentrating on school work, keeping a low profile when it comes to her blog and is about to embark on the supposedly dream life of accompanying her musician boyfriend, Noah, on his European tour.  With Noah’s hectic schedule, incidents with an unfriendly band mate and manager, she starts to doubt whether she was ever cut out for life on the road. When the relationship between Penny and Noah slowly begins to dwindle, Penny is left dealing with her occurring anxiety issues and decisions on following her own career path rather than endlessly following Noah’s.

Eventually Penny leaves for home to the comfort of her family and friends, while focusing on the solutions to her anxiety, realising her own talents in photography and writing and mending that relationship with Noah.

The ending of the book is where I feel the authenticity comes into play.

 “I know that anxiety is a part of my life, and maybe in time I can change that, but for now I want to live a full life. I have anxiety, but it’s not who I am”

Anxiety can be a tricky topic to deal with in a book, because as the quote suggests it doesn’t just miraculously disperse over night, it’s a journey. This novel is complete fiction, but there’s something pretty kick ass about a main character overcoming real life issues. It’s relatable and I like that in a book. It also gives Sugg more opportunity for Penny’s story to develop into a trilogy and maybe even further. Personally I would love to read more as Zoe Sugg’s own journey as an author continues to grow.

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