Sir Quacks On Tour #3 | Meeting George Hook


August bank holiday Monday and Sir Quacks-A-Lot happily comes along to a Rugby World Cup preview and Q&A with special guest George Hook. As you’ll see from the pictures below George was more than delighted to get selfies with Sir Quacks.


The all important selfie in process…


…and the result! How cool is that though?!


Now, here’s a selfie I am the most proud of as it features my 90 (yes, ninety) year old Granny, and has the combined age of 182 as Mr. Hook pointed out himself, pretty impressive, eh? I especially love that I am able to share fun moments like this with my Nan and put her pride of place on my blog. 🙂

I honestly can’t speak highly enough about George Hook after that August afternoon as he stayed well past his time to take questions, discuss the rugby and meet everyone afterwards. A true legend.

Until next time.

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