Des Bishop – Coming Home


So my Summer turned out to be a pretty comedy filled one and Friday night it ended with Des Bishop’s ‘Coming Home’. I have seen the documentary from last year and a few clips online, but for me, nothing beats the live shows! That being said, I guess for the same reason I was sort of worried I had seen it all but there wasn’t any need as it’s been changed around with additional material ahead of the DVD recording next week.


The shows sees Des speak about his experience of living and working in China, and the difficulty of learning the language in the beginning. The mispronunciation that gave his Chinese name a whole different meaning was a fantastic example of this and one my favourites.

Apart from the structured set list, we were also treated to some local friendly jokes of his recent visit to the Rock of Cashel and a story of a stay at Hayes’ Hotel. He also got to poke fun at people leaving for the bathroom or using their phones by singling them out with a laser pointer, adding how all teachers should have one because “it’s like throwing chalk without the lawsuit” You can be sure the teachers in the crowd got a kick out of that.

The show was enjoyable from to start to finish but other highlights have to include the showing of a Chinese version of Take Me Out in which Des was a contestant and this legend of a man that picked up ‘The Auld Triangle’. A clip that never fails to make me laugh!

After finally catching ‘Coming Home’, I can say it was definitely worth the wait and if you don’t get to see the live show you will certainly want to pick up the DVD.

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