Sir Quacks On Tour #1 | Sky Cat Laughs 2015

Guess who’s just back from a weekend of gallivanting ’round Kilkenny?

Okay, so here’s how this goes. A few weeks back I won and received this little guy from the Rick O’Shea show on 2FM and as I head off on a few Summer ventures this year I had a light bulb idea of bringing Sir Quacks-A-Lot along for the ride too.

We all know how much negativity can be thrown around online and that’s something I wanted to try and steer clear of when it came to starting my blog, it would be nice to showcase a fun side to this site too. So with all that in mind, I tweeted Rick a picture to say I’d bring the duck to the Cat Laughs and off he went. Why not?! It’s just something for the craic or should that be for the quack? (Yeah, I went there)

Ascending on his travels…
Pit stop in the lovely little village of Knocktopher, Co.Kilkenny!
Foil from Foil, Arms and Hog
and Arms! Disappointingly he missed out on the chance to get a picture with Hog as the weather decided to take a turn for the worst. 😦 Next time!
Saying hello to Andrew Maxwell 🙂
…and the legend that is Jason Byrne!


That concludes the first of Sir Quacks-A-Lot’s travels. I didn’t imagine him getting up to half as much as he did. Stayed tuned to keep track of Sir Quacks and follow my Twitter and Instagram for daily updates.

Until next time. X

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