Welcome to Weesi’s World!

My name is Denise but as my blog would suggest, it’s also pretty acceptable to call me Weesi. It was my childhood nickname given to me by my eldest siblings and has stuck with me ever since. That being said, I have always quite liked it, especially when my older brother used to call me Weesi-Woo which, as a kid I liked to think of it being the name of a kick ass Chinese Warrior-Princess, most likely a thought implanted in my brain by my dear brother!

When entering this blog you should pretty much expect the unexpected. You will find posts related to everything from music, to comedy, film, to books and perhaps daily musings too. Most of all, I want my little space on the internet to be a fun and positive one.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick intro and continue to stick around to read the future posts that are to come. If you would like more of an insight into this blog then be sure to check out my About page and follow my Twitter & Instagram.

Thanks for reading, blog soon. – Denise xo


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