• Newbridge Museum of Style Icons

    Last weekend, I took a trip to Newbridge in Co. Kildare, which of course, is home to Newbridge Silverware – one of Ireland’s best known jewellery and homeware designers. The Newbridge Silverware headquarters is open to visitors, and while there is a chance to buy a piece of silverware as a gift or for yourself, […]

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  • Indiependence Festival 2022

    In June, I wrote about my delight at attending a comedy festival, in July I got to attend a music one and after C*vid, it’s made festival season all the more sweeter. Last weekend, I met up with some friends of mine at the Indiependence Festival – a music festival which takes place annually in […]

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  • How I Deal With The Pressure of Being Constantly Productive

    I would consider myself to be a productive person. Whether it’s a hobby, work or studies, I will want to do it all to the best of my ability. Being productive can be seen as a positive trait but wanting to be too productive can also have it’s challenges.  Worrying about your level of productivity […]

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